Diego Flores

Diego Flores has been the Operations Manager for the Newark Downtown District for two and a half years. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Kean University and is currently finalizing a Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management. His “work” experience began at an early age when he accompanied his father to distribute newspapers around their neighborhood and, in turn, received any toy of his choice. At 16, he became a janitor for a company that cleaned warehouses; a few years went by and he emerged as the operations manager, and later went to become the General Manager of this company. His tireless work ethic and his diverse experience have shaped his passionate desire to see a difference in this world.

Diego has over 10 years of experience in management working with multiple projects at once. Known for his strong leadership skills, he has been able to develop and maintain firm professional relationships with community members, employees, and colleagues. His mission of leading by example has allowed the employees working under his guidance to constantly learn from his own ability to complete responsibilities. His hobbies include watching football while feeding his newborn daughter and explaining to his two-year-old that cartoons will come on after the game is over; and, of course, enjoying a great cigar every once in a while.