GERA (New Jersey, USA) & WERC (Mexico)


Assisted by Kylie Lefkowitz

Portal Flow portrays a personified Lady Newark Liberty Airport (left) at the moment she meets the Port of Newark (right). Lady Liberty represents the earth; the spirit of flight and its creatures — like the cranes that inhabit the Passaic River. The Port of Newark, on the right, represents the male, the mind, and the industries that shaped the city. This is the moment at which they meet. Magic follows: the waters move, the cranes fly, and the transported energy is alive in all the fish and ships carrying their goods.

Every element in the mural is symbolic to the story. The fish in the mural is a Brook Trout, the New Jersey state fish. The Lion in the center of the design is an homage to the architectural ornaments of Penn Station. The containers are a recurring element of the port; they reflect the Newark’s international economy.

The artists: GERA & WERC

GERA is a cross-disciplinary artist raised in Newark, New Jersey and currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. Her family has a history in Newark, owning several businesses that are staples in the Ironbound section. She works using photo, video performance, books-making, and public art. GERA’s public art can be seen in the architecturally integrated art of eco-resin screens set into the bus shelters of BRIO, Sun Metro’s new rapid transit system. Her studio work and public artwork reflect the spirit of culture and dreams. Her work in the City of Newark is a collaboration with her partner WERC.

WERC is from Mexico and was raised in Texas. His work stems from a history of graffiti writing, as well as an extensive cross-media background similar to his partner’s Gera. His content is focused on the ongoing discussions of immigration rights and laws.

As a public art team, their means for creation is motivated by their passion for the beautification of public spaces, community empowerment, and art as a healing tool.