Lunar New Year

“Memory in Migration”

Assisted by Nepo and Alex Seel

Memory in Migration is a tribute to migratory movements; they continue to shape the city of Newark and the United States. The mural depicts a body that is raising in flight and being divided into two by gold chains and a symbol of change made up of a full moon. The full moon signifies the cyclical movement of planets. A rabbit is depicted inside the moon. The rabbit and moon come from a Mexican children’s story as illustrated by the muralist Diego Rivera. There’s a sign which reads “immigrant crossing” inside the rabbit. The sign is commonplace in U.S. border cities; it warns incoming traffic to migrants crossing the highway. The mural takes this derogatory symbol of migration and gives it a positive connotation that speaks of the worth and importance of migrants coming to the USA through the power of public.

The artist: Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is an artist, muralist and interloper. His artwork and murals question politics, injustice and cross-cultural identity by visualizing obfuscated stories. His iconography is a combination of mythology, portraiture, and secular signifiers.

LNY is also an educator, organizer, and public speaker for such projects as Young New Yorkers in Brooklyn, Yollocalli Arts Reach in Chicago and City Without Walls in Newark. He was raised within the duality of Ecuador and the USA, currently living and working in Newark, NJ as well as around the world.