Sonni (New York, USA)

“A Long Day”

Assisted by Randy Hayes Harris

Every day, we wake up, we go through a program of motion, and then we come home and rest. Every day, a universal body of humans go through these actions, no matter where no matter one’s background. Every day is a long day.

Sonni’s mural compiles a series of action drawings. A figure on a computer, a series of figures in dialogue walking down the street, the daily commute, education, money, relationships, etc. These are the connecting components of humanity. Using his staple palette of primary colors, Sonni creates a playful conversation about the everyday.

The artist: Sonni

Sonni was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied graphic design and worked as an Art Director for animation and film companies. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. In his art, Sonni is constantly searching for that lost moment in adolescence where adventure makes dreams a reality; where the imagination and playing develop invisible forces to recapture those lost memories from your childhood. He works with different mediums including paper and pencil, illustrator, acrylic on canvas, and wooden sculptures. His passion is to paint murals in public spaces, finding that dialogue with the public through primary colors and playfulness. This is his first mural in the City of Newark.