Zéh Palito (Brazil)

“We Are Nature”

Assisted by Tiffany Freeman

Zephalito’s work speaks to creating a positive cycle of equality between humanity, nature, and animals. It contemplates the elimination of the natural and artificial boundaries separating humans from other species and highlights the interactions between them.

We are not alone as a species. Our lives are richer when we realize that we have not only a human pulse in our veins but the pulse of all the other living species with whom we share the earth.

When will humans beings reconcile themselves to the planet earth?

The artist: Zephalito

Zéh Palito is an artist who is living and working in Limeira -São Paulo, Brazil. His practice involves the potential of urban non-spaces, creating large-scale, site-specific works. Conversations about day-to-day life live inside a host of characters, and brightly colored palettes that send powerful messages that link us, as humanity, to our world around us and to all living beings that coexist among us.

Zéh Palito’s visual mythology celebrates the vitality and dynamism intrinsic to this chaotic world. It is composed of bright colors, poetry, geometry, organic abstraction, and dimensional variations.

His work has been shown throughout the world in places like Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Spain, Germany, Poland, United States, South Korea, Thailand, Zambia, and others more. We Are Nature is his first mural in the City of Newark.